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digital brand identity and website for wecyouAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


brand identity, web design & web development, art direction & styling, logo animation, motion design, 3d modelling, copywriting


To build a brand from the product

weCyou is a wireless streaming camera designed to minimize downtime and provide instant remote support, allowing you to improve customer service in the world of industry 4.0.
We were chosen to give life to the digital communication of the brand.


The work of brand identity began with the design of the naming and logo. After defining the brand’s identity and mood, we developed a website that clearly and engagingly communicates the strengths of weCyou: high technology and reliability.

Hi-tech solution, hi-‍tech identity


A native digital visual identity

The modular logo, with rounded lines and shapes, was conceived as the key element of the brand’s whole digital identity.
From icons to logo animation, we created a coherent visual identity that would add value to the brand and perfectly adapt to the many applications on the website.

we c you logo made by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
graphic design and icons for wecyou by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


A three-dimensional imagery

With the aim of building a brand image focused on the design, efficiency and technology of the instrument, we created an accurate 3D reconstruction of weCyou, capable of enhancing its advantages.

wecyou model realised by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


Focus on the product

A multilingual and responsive site, with a user-centered approach similar to that usually used for software.

Through a first view that recalled the product’s command center, we wanted to involve the users and make them perceive the multiple functions of weCyou.

Work team
Team vision

Fabio Bertozzi
Digital Art Director

Claudio Zanotti
Art Director

Valentina Giardini
Project Manager

Angelica Parisi
Web Designer

Michele Crinella
3D Generalist

Laura Sorbini