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advertising campaign for nexansAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl

Advertising campaign for Nexans

art direction, graphic design, advertising campaigns, email marketing, videos, 3D animation, design and construction of exhibition stands, exhibition and event set-ups


To communicate and launch Nexans’ new products

Nexans is a world leader in advanced cable technologies for power and data transmission.

In 2008, Nexans QICC, a joint venture with Al Mirqab Capital, opened in Qatar. Nexans’ Middle Eastern office turned to us to start a communication plan in the local market through the launch of two new Made in Qatar products.


For the Passeo and Long Distance products, we worked on an advertising campaign with an initial teasing phase before moving on to the actual launch of the solutions, which were entirely recreated using renderings. We then designed all the communication elements adapted to the different promotion and dissemination needs of the two products, and finally produced two product videos launched at the two most important and strategic events for Nexans QICC.

From the teaser to the launch of the products


  • graphics advertising creation for nexans campaignAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
  • graphic design campaign for nexans products launchAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl

The common thread

The creative proposal was developed around the graphic sign of the cable: starting from the Nexans logo, two cables - symbolising the two products - develop from the ends of the letter N and cross the whole composition, creating sinuous and dynamic shapes.

The headline “Follow the thread” plays with the dual meaning of the word thread: wire/cable but also direction/theme. A real call to action that encourages the user to continue following the development of the campaign.

advertising campaign for nexans products by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


  • adv campaign for nexans products launch by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
  • nexans exhibition stand set up by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
  • design exhibition corners for nexans products launch by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl

Passeo and Long Distance on display

The products were presented at two major events: Innovation days, a new product exhibition held at their headquarters in Doha, and Project Qatar, the largest and most prominent construction exhibition in Qatar.

For these events, we carried out the stand set-up by designing the exhibition corners, the desk, the product positioning displays and the roll-ups.


Unravelling to the rhythm of music

After creating the script and storyboard, we made two product videos based on the renderings developed for the campaigns. The two colourful and dynamic graphic animations detail the advantages, features and functionalities of Passeo and Long Distance.

Work team
Disentangled in the project

Camilla Dolcini
Project Manager

Tommaso Piazzesi
CEO Dubai

Carlo Piazzesi
Creative Director

Marco Merloni
Art Director

Maricel Sconocchia
Graphic Designer

Chiara Costa
Graphic Designer

Lucia Galanti
Web Designer

Vittoria Podrini

Laura Sorbini
Web Marketing Manager

Luca Bartolini
Head of 3D Dept.

Alessio Santino
3D Generalist

Michele Marchionni
Interior Designer

Stefano Mancini
Video Producer