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To promote a new language for woodworking

Woodworking made izy is a project developed by the world’s 7 leading manufacturers of woodworking machinery - BIESSE, BÜRKLE, HOMAG, IMA SCHELLING, SCM, WEBER and WEINIG - who decided to team up and work together on creating a new standard interface to connect machines from different manufacturers, enabling an overall control of the production process.
Our challenge was to communicate a complex and innovative project in a simple and effective way.


An “easy” campaign

Starting from a concept based on simplification, understood as the streamlining of production processes for companies operating in the world of woodworking, we developed an integrated, fresh and dynamic communication project that enhances the innovation of the solution proposed by the 7 companies.

The campaign, developed around the claim 'Woodworking made izy', was disseminated internationally through offline and online channels: website, social media, press, video and participation in the most important trade fairs in the sector.



Woodworking made izy

Based on the project's main assets in terms of simplicity, cooperation, smartness, technology, mathematical approach, connection, intelligence, collaboration and problem solving, we defined a campaign that could contain and communicate the benefit and sense of the project in an equally easy, simple and direct way: Woodworking made izy.

The name 'izy', short and concise, resonant and evocative, immediately translates the word/concept EASY in lettering and sound.

A name that becomes a strong personality, capable of translating complexity into simplicity, without the need to be explained, as intuitive and direct as it is.



A universal language

In creating the logo, we were inspired by universal languages that solved a problem in a simple and rational way: we examined the sequences of the Morse code and analysed the Braille alphabet and its contractions. The logo contains a strong reference to the dot-line code of the Morse alphabet; the two dots also recall two machines that are ideally connected by the lettering.

The colours used are bright and vivid, the font is legible and clean, the simple graphic shapes make the communication dynamic by creating patterns that recall the logo.


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Izy on show

The first tool designed for the dissemination of the Woodworking made izy campaign was the technical handbook, used to explain the history, benefits for users, developments and future of the project.

At the most important trade fairs in the sector (Ligna in Hanover, Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg, IWF in Atlanta, Xylexpo in Milan), we set up display corners and made roll-ups, presentation videos and material supporting the communication of the project.


A team effort

In order to make the project known and reach the different targets at which izy is aimed, we created a simple one-page website, consistent with the visual identity of the campaign, in which the project is explained through graphic info, videos and interviews with the design team of the new interface.

At the same time, we devised a communication strategy for the various social media by analysing the tone of voice, illustrating the visuals and launching various editorial columns.

To amplify the campaign, we created guidelines to coordinate the 7 leading companies and increase awareness of Woodworking made izy.

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In connection

Marua Zouiter
Project Manager

Rebecca Adcock
Coordinator and Senior Project Manager

Carlo Beccatti
Creative Director

Claudio Zanotti
Art Director

Vittoria Podrini
Strategist & Copywriter

Maricel Sconocchia
Graphic Designer

Vittoria Beci
Social Media Strategist

Lucia Galanti
Web Designer

Irene Boschi
Web Developer

Stefano Mancini

Elena Mei
Web Marketing Assistant

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