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Corporate signage

HSD is an important electrospindle manufacturing company.

We have been following all the aspects of its communication for some time and, for the opening of its new manufacturing facility, HSD asked us to design the identity of its plant.


To organise workspaces by communicating brand values

To welcome people and visually portray the company’s values and activities. For these purposes, we organised and set up the spaces of the new plant, including internal and external signs.



To ease movement within the facility

The choice to use the rim is a clear reference to the movement of electrospindles. The blue and grey of the logo were chosen as the main colours in order to better transfer and communicate the brand identity. A chromatic register and a well-defined line allowed us to create highly distinctive and consistent environments.


Internal signs


A functional and comfortable space, with a reception and an area to welcome visitors. We wanted to ease movement within the HSD plant with signs capable of guiding the visitor and optimising the path to the offices and production sites.

Our graphics, functional to the movements and arrangements of objects - together with a careful study of the brightness of the spaces - have improved the efficiency and the comfort of the manufacturing plant.


Working in the right direction

Carlo Beccatti
Creative director

Claudio Zanotti
Art director

Camilla Dolcini
Account e Project Manager

Michele Marchionni
Interior Designer

Silvia Borghetto
Creative Designer

Chiara Costa
Junior Graphic Designer

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