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(Re)inventing oneself to grow

Barberini is a leading company in the design, production and installation of contract, exhibition and retail spaces and setups. In 25 years, it has evolved from a small handicraft shop into an industrial business projected into a globalised and highly competitive market. A company in such strong and rapid growth has felt the need to support the development of its business with a strategy to strengthen its brand communication and digital presence.


Space for the Brand

For Barberini, we oversaw a project to reinvent and strengthen its Brand image and recognition, which involved some important corporate communication touchpoints: restyling the website, creating a content and advertising strategy for LinkedIn and conducting an institutional communication campaign.
An integrated and coordinated project in which we have provided the company with constant strategic, technical and creative support.



A dynamic and competitive website

A minimal, simple and clean layout, built on linear geometries, neutral colours and high-impact images to bring out the company’s creative, design and executive capacity. Central to the experience of using the new website is the element of the “design line” that is built on every page, representing the dynamism and constant support that Barberini guarantees to all its customers, at every stage of the order. The new website has also been optimised from an SEO point of view to improve the company’s positioning also on search engines. Through scenario analysis and information architecture, we identified the strategic pages and content with the most potential. This work obviously did not end with getting the website online, but will continue over time thanks to SEO support, maintenance and enhancement. Barberini’s marketing team was also trained to manage the website independently, always publishing SEO-friendly content (images and text).



An imprint of style and personality

A communication campaign designed to convey the company’s uniqueness and its distinctive values of quality, reliability and modernity.
The digital imprint represents what is irreducibly unique in each individual and is therefore a distinctive sign of personality and recognisability. In the visual sphere, the imprint becomes a three-dimensional architectural space that tells the core business; in the copy, the English verb “IMPRINT” becomes a call to action to choose Barberini to give new impetus to the design of spaces and setups. The campaign has been published in the main national architecture and design magazines.



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Content and advertising strategy for LinkedIn

For a company operating in the B2B sector, LinkedIn represents a strategic communication and promotion platform that must be carefully, consistently and effectively monitored. For Barberini, we developed a content and advertising strategy with the aim of guiding the company’s marketing team in the daily management of this tool. The sharing of information and knowledge was crucial to create campaigns capable of achieving specific business goals. Having identified the different stages, from awareness to consideration, we structured a medium/long-term journey. The campaigns aim to intercept strategic targets and provide them with the right content and call to action.


Imprint your team

Valentina Giardini
Project Manager

Carlo Piazzesi
Creative Director

Marco Merloni
Art Director

Alessandro Furlani
Creative Designer

Vittoria Podrini

Leonardo Zadra
UX Designer

Laura d'Amico
Web Designer

Irene Boschi
Front-end Developer

Simone Montanari
Web Developer

Laura Sorbini
SEO & Web Analyst

Erica del Dente
Web Marketing Specialist

Sara Maria Buonsanti
Social Media Manager

Debora Vallicelli
Social Media Graphic Designer

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