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Rebranding, social strategy e advertising per Alice

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A unique and coherent identity

Alice Il Gelato delle Meraviglie is an ice cream parlour in Pesaro, founded in 2011, whose strengths are respect for tradition and the selection of raw materials. They turned to us for a rebranding project with the aim of communicating effectively and coherently their mood inspired by the famous Alice in Wonderland fairy tale.


A rebranding of Alice Il Gelato delle Meraviglie

In order to give Alice a new look that is coherent and in line with its philosophy, we started by restyling the logo and its applications with a view to conveying a message of uniqueness and craftsmanship. The new mood was then applied to the social platforms thanks to several articles and a new way of describing the products and philosophy of the ice cream parlour.


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Enhancing craftsmanship

The rebranding project started with the restyling of the logo: the choice of a calligraphic font, entirely hand-drawn, allowed us to enhance the concept of craftsmanship and refinement that lies behind Alice’s work.
The new logo was then used in the various offline applications: from the business card to the flavour cards, the price list and all the paper supports inside the ice cream parlour.

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Social for all tastes!

The new mood was then applied to online communication, where we developed a social strategy document to bring Alice’s world to Facebook and Instagram.
Tone of voice, hashtags, articles and topics to be covered in the editorial plan to involve and inform the community of users and Alice ice cream lovers.



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All nuts about Alice: follower and website traffic campaigns

The rebranding activity was supported by a campaign to increase the number of followers on Facebook and Instagram and a campaign to increase traffic to the website dedicated to delivery. The content, created ad hoc for each channel, increased the Facebook and Instagram fanbase by 17.3% and brought more than a thousand visits to the website dedicated to the home delivery service.


Alice nuts

Alice Nardini
Project Manager

Carlo Piazzesi
Creative Director

Katia Fornaroli
Art Director

Vittoria Beci
Social Media Manager

Debora Vallicelli
Social Media Graphic Designer

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