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Redesigning (y)our future starting with the Brand

Italstand is an Italian company that has been designing and creating customized solutions for the exhibition of brands, products and services since 1983: exhibition stands, showrooms, temporary shops, furnishing systems and setups for events and commercial and exhibition spaces.

This dynamic company felt the need to review its communication strategy and digital presence.


We worked on a project to renew and enhance Italstand’s image and visibility by focusing on the company’s main communication channels: a new brand identity, the restyling of the website, the creation of a content strategy for the various social channels.

An evolution that transfers to the outside world the company's attitude, its ability and courage to transform itself, and the desire to share the path of change with its public.

A shared path of change


We love (y)our job

The relationship between Italstand and its stakeholders is the most important and strategic communication asset.

With this in mind, we identified a new communication concept that (re)positions Italstand in the market with a message that puts the concept of love back at the centre: love for work (ours - “our” and everyone else’s - “your”), love for people, creativity and planning.

The concept becomes a call to action for client companies and for all internal and external stakeholders (employees, co-workers, suppliers) who are intercepted and struck by a message with a strong emotional appeal.

The rebranding operation itself can be read and told through this concept.


An unbreakable bond

The logo created reflects the concept: Italstand's world (made up of people, values, history, know-how...) meets the outside world and, from this bond, the image of two overlapping hearts is built, symbolizing the unbreakable and harmonious relationship that the company is able to create with all its stakeholders.

This phase also saw the development of the Brand manual and the graphic and communication elements that distinguish Italstand’s coordinated image: the logo, the fonts, the colour palettes, the style of the images and the various offline and online applications.

Acanto creates the new brand identity for ItalstandAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
New brand identity for ItalstandAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


Set-ups at the forefront

During the rebranding process, we created the new website: a comprehensive digital tool that enhances the brand identity and communicates Italstand’s services and working method in a coherent and functional way. The proposal is based on an essential, geometric and linear design, made fresh and dynamic by the harmonious play of colours and images. The use of the content is pleasant and intuitive, thanks to the short but powerful messages and text content, which lead towards an emotional narration. Italstand’s achievements have a place of prominence on the site, being the most visible, tangible and appreciable aspect for users.

Creation of Italstand’s website - Acanto Web AgencyAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


  • Social Media Strategy for Italstand by AcantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
  • Conception of Content Strategy for Italstand– AcantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
  • Social Content Strategy - Acanto Digital AgencyAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl

Sharing visions, values and projects

The content and social media strategy developed for Italstand takes its cue from the presentation of the new logo and the introduction of the concept that renews the company's mission/vision, laying the foundations for future communication and editorial planning.
We identified the topics to be developed within the editorial plan to ensure consistency and variety and designed a launch strategy to communicate the rebranding project.

Work team
Acanto Exhibitors

Alice Nardini
Project Manager

Marco Merloni
Art Director

Vittoria Podrini
Strategist & Copywriter

Alessandro Furlani
Graphic Designer

Silvia Borghetto
Graphic Designer

Lucia Galanti
Web Designer

Irene Boschi
Web Developer

Laura Sorbini
SEO & Web Analyst

Elena Mei
SEO & Copywriter

Erica Del Dente
Social Media Strategist