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Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all the other social networks have revolutionised our relationships, between people but also with brands.

There are few companies that are not present on these platforms today, but rather than opening accounts, what we do is create a strategic and bespoke presence. By conducting a specific analysis for each social network, we build a solid, consistent and engaging presence. Being on Facebook cannot be improvised! Social media are real business tools and, much more than others, they are able to influence judgments and decisions, obtain quality leads, stimulate conversations, strengthen the relationship with customers and, last by not least, sell products or services.


We want to move away from annoying banners, remarketing to the point of stalking, wrong targeting! People expect brands to understand their needs and deliver the solutions they need.

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn (to name a few) provide advertisers with sophisticated tools to reach strategic targets. Depending on the business and communication objective, we conduct highly profiled campaigns to reach the right audience, at the right time and with the right message. In our digital campaigns, the creativity of formats and contents falls within technical settings, always monitoring data and results.

Web Analytics

Web analytics allows you to monitor the progress of a website and web marketing activities, analysing the achievement of objectives and identifying the actions to be taken to improve performance.

All companies have (or can have) access to an enormous amount of data that - only if analysed correctly - allows them to seize opportunities and define solutions.

Email Marketing

“Email, like Winona Ryder, was born in 1971. And both are currently enjoying a midlife revival of sorts”. We have chosen these words by MailChimp to introduce one of the activities with the highest return on investment.

Email marketing allows customers and prospects to be reached with profiled and bespoke messages, assessing their progress through very detailed reports.

For example, we can identify the most clicked content, the best performing templates and the most active users and, based on this information, decide how to achieve even better results! Almost everything can be tested on newsletters and DEMs: graphic elements, body copy, call to action, object, colours... In this way, we are able to identify the best combination and maximise the achievement of the objectives.


The worldbuilding (ndr the definition of narrative universe), the choice of tone of voice, the construction of a style guide… are all crucial steps to understand and choose the right words to build and communicate a brand identity. Conception of slogans, creative body copies, editing of technical texts, creation of SEO-friendly texts... even if the context changes, the brand will always be consistent and recognisable.

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