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To build the identity and describe the IRIS project

IRIS is an innovative idea that was born with the aim of recovering and returning to the territory a site compromised by the presence of a landfill through the creation of sustainable bioparks and the start-up of a virtuous circular economy producing liquid biomethane and compost.
IRIS is an integral part of the company Eco Elpidiense S.r.l, which turned to us to create the visual identity and describe this new project.


Visual identity, rendering and video for a new energy

IRIS is first and foremost a way of guaranteeing future generations an environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly system. The idea of a green future led us to design the naming, create the logo and choose a coherent colour palette to identify the project. We then moved on to the 3D reconstruction of the biopark designed to redevelop the former landfill site of Cà Rafaneto in Barchi (PU) and its description through an emotional video.


A line that connects everything

We defined the visual identity of IRIS starting with the creation of the logo, the colour palette and then moving on to the definition of a concept that would identify the entire recovery process.
The use of the graphic element of the line, given the extension of the point in a single dimension, allowed us to represent the connections between the processes and activities taking place within the biopark.
From a former closed landfill site to a large sustainable park, from unused land to the construction of a plant that produces liquid biomethane and compost for agriculture.



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Inside the biopark

The IRIS project starts from the redevelopment of the former landfill site “Cà Rafaneto” located in Barchi in the municipality of Terre Roveresche. We reproduced the entire project area through renderings: the organic waste treatment plant and the green areas and the different thematic areas that make up the biopark (botanical gardens, research centres and theme mazes). A modelling project that began with the technical surveys and ended with the detail of every single component of the complex recycling structure.


Play video

A world that runs on biomethane

After bringing the area to life through the renderings, it was necessary to describe the goals of the project by showing the area before and after the redevelopment.
After dealing with the script and the storyboard, we made a video in which, thanks to shots taken on site, the plant modelled in 3D was harmoniously inserted into the surrounding territorial context.
The graphic element of the line that animates and connects all the areas of the biopark was taken up.


Energetic Team

Marco Merloni
Art Director

Camilla Dolcini
Project Manager

Alessandro Furlani
Creative Designer

Vittoria Podrini

Luca Bartolini
3D Manager

Michele Crinella
3D Generalist

Stefano Mancini
Motion Graphic Designer & Video Producer

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