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To redesign the business after the Covid-19 shock

Biesse Group is a world leader in the manufacture of tools and machinery for the furniture industry. Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the company suddenly found itself, like many others, having to suspend business meetings, events, trade fairs, training courses and business relations. For a group of this size, which has multiple Business Units and operates in 120 countries around the world with more than 300 agents and retailers and 39 branches, it was vital to redesign and activate alternative models and tools capable of supporting the development of the business and its many activities in a short time.


Together with Biesse Group, we designed and built a totally new instrument: Biesse Digital Arena. A 100% digital web platform that integrates marketing, sales, CRM and customer care functions and services and which itself becomes a business opportunity to increase and consolidate relations with the sales network, retailers, customers, prospects, and stakeholders.

Biesse Digital Arena: the digital place to be

A large digital ecosystem connecting companies and people around the world

Biesse Digital Arena is a platform designed to be dynamic, flexible, and perfectly adaptable to the company’s needs and changing market conditions. A tool that can also integrate with other external services and providers, creating a single large digital communication ecosystem that allows the company to connect and interact with all its (internal and external) audiences and users to take advantage of numerous contents and features.

biesse digital arena video repositoryAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl

On-demand broadcasting – Video repository

Within the Biesse Digital Arena, we developed an archive of digital content that can be used by the user on demand and looked up through fully customisable search parameters.

biesse digital arena broadcasting on demandAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl

Webinars and live streaming

Through the platform, Biesse Group is able to independently manage and organise online events and formats - webinars, one-to-one meetings, demos - which can be broadcast in live streaming, allowing users to connect and interact in real time with company contacts.

biesse digital arena webinarAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


All scheduled events and activities can be looked up through the calendar tool that allows users to view and subscribe to events of their interest by filtering them by type, language, markets, and other fully customisable search parameters.

platform for digital events for biesse made by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


We incorporated booking functions into the platform to simplify back-office activities to support the organisation of physical events: from transport to overnight stays, all secretarial, hospitality and logistics activities can be carefully planned and managed within Biesse Digital Arena.

biesse digital arena online and offline eventsAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl

Tailor-made accessibility

The platform offers the possibility to customise and limit the visibility and use of features and content by users, ensuring a different level of access and consultation according to the type of account.

biesse digital arena live streamingAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl

Web analytics

User activities and behaviours on the platform are traceable and measurable through web analytics services in order to guarantee a corrective, evolutionary and adaptive user experience, tailored to each user.

digital events for b2b business biesseAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
Work team
Digital Gladiators

Carlo Beccatti
Creative Director

Valentina Giardini
Project Manager

Fabio Bertozzi
Digital Creative Director & Front-end Developer

Giulia Gerini
Web Designer

Andrea Aratari
Back-end Developer

Simone Montanari
Back-end Developer

Laura Sorbini
Web Analyst

Chiara Cocon
Graphic Designer

Claudio Zanotti
Art Director

Marco Merloni
Art Director