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To communicate a technological excellence in the industry: Robopac’s TechlabAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


website, art direction, web design, SEO, rendering, modelling and digital sculpting


A web project for Robopac’s Techlab

Robopac is a brand of Aetna Group, a leading company in the industrial packaging sector with which we have been collaborating for years, carrying out institutional, brand and product communication projects.

The company entrusted us with the development of a website dedicated to the innovative Techlab service, the laboratory engaged in the research, development and testing of the best solutions for packaging and transporting palletised loads.


Techlab represents Robopac’s technological excellence and is increasingly transforming its plant into an international hub for innovation and research. The new website dedicated to the Techlab project must therefore, on the one hand, clearly and effectively present the services and advantages of the laboratory and, on the other, communicate the company’s standing and its focus on continuous product and process innovation.

To describe the innovation on a website


Clear content, technological look & feel, immersive experience

The website dedicated to Techlab is the synthesis of an integrated design between layout, content and experience.

A technological look & feel, in line with the company’s corporate image, capable of expressing Robopac’s strong technical and design know-how. A clear and easily accessible information and content architecture, also through the use of ad hoc designed images (photorealistic renderings, 3D models and icons).

A dynamic fruition experience, designed to immerse users in the constantly evolving world of Techlab.

communicate technological excellence of techlab robopac by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
website for techlab of robopac aetna group by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
Work team
Tech Team

Carlo Beccatti
Creative Director

Alice Nardini
Project Manager

Fabio Bertozzi
Digital Art Director

Laura Sorbini
SEO & Web Analyst

Lucia Galanti
Web Designer

Alessandro Sansottera
Front-end Developer

Simone Montanari
Back-end Developer

Luca Bartolini
3D Manager

Michele Crinella
3D Generalist

Alessio Santino
3D Generalist