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visual identity, graphic design, corporate signage


Corporate communication in times of crisis

The Covid-19 global health emergency has highlighted the need to adopt a communication and information system dedicated to the health and safety of human resources within Biesse. Not simple information protocols, but a Brand project capable of making people feel at the centre of the company’s attention and priorities.


“Be-Safe”: an integrated communication project designed to inform, reassure and strengthen the sense of belonging that makes a company a cohesive entity, especially in times of crisis.

A visual identity created ad hoc, coordinated with the distinctive elements of the already existing corporate communication, but with new and specific communication assets, as new as the emergency we were suddenly confronted with.

Be-Safe: inform, reassure, belong


Branding... safely

A naming, a logo and a mood designed around the concept of safety: the triangle is in fact a symbol of the “warning/danger” sign but, if rotated, it becomes the “play/start” icon. The concept, also emphasized by the imperative "Be Safe", expresses the central role of safety and the importance of human resources, key figures for the restart. The graphic design was based on a set of offline and digital tools, such as flyers and badges, and on a coordinated corporate signage system.

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Clarity of information, without compromising creativity

The safety messages have been expressed and conveyed through a system of self-explanatory icons and infographics with a strong visual impact. The signage panels were positioned in all areas of the company used by both internal staff and external visitors: the entrance, car parks, the entrance to the various plants, as well as the administrative areas, offices and production.


All the nuances of a communication project

In the "Be-Safe" project, great attention was paid to colour. In fact, in the signage we gave priority to the use of yellow on a dark background that attracts more attention, so as to make the icons visually clearer and more immediate in their reading. The communication materials for internal use, on the other hand, were designed with softer and more reassuring colours and more curved and sinuous shapes.

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Work team
Safety Team

Valentina Giardini
Project Manager

Claudio Zanotti
Art Director

Chiara Cocon
Graphic Designer

Chiara Costa
Graphic Designer

Luca Sinelli
Creative Designer

Michele Marchionni
Interior Designer