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restyling of digital identity for angelantoni group by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


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To plan the digital communication identity of a large group

The Angelantoni Group is a large industrial group, world leader in the field of cold engineering and simulated environmental testing. The Group operates on the global market through 4 different Brands: ACS (simulated environmental test chambers); ALS (biomedical equipment); Kenosistec (thin film deposition systems); Turboalgor (solutions for energy recovery in industrial cold storage facilities). For such an articulate company, which has gone from being a family business to a world leader in just a few decades, it was essential to build a new, strong, coordinated and recognizable digital identity that would express both the Group’s strong technological expertise and its proximity to the territory and the environment.


For the Angelantoni Group, we designed and codified a new Brand Identity system for the group and individual brands.Logos, fonts, colour palette, mood, graphic elements, icons, treatment of photographic and vectorial images, and motion typology, we redesigned the entire digital communication system in order to create greater uniformity and recognizability, in a manner consistent with the values of the Group and its companies.

Redesign of the Brand Identity system and websites


Optimization and restyling of the Brands

We optimized the entire logo system of the group and its brands.
The intervention concerned the Angelantoni Group logo, which was better balanced, and, above all, the Kenosistec logo. This has been completely redesigned in line with the Group’s identity and according to the specific nature of the company: the K has in fact been reinterpreted on the basis of the film element that characterizes Kenosistec’s reference sector.

Finally, all the logos were optimized with the addition of the payoff.

brand identity redesign for angelantoni group by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
digital brand identity design for angelantoni group by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
digital brand identity design for angelantoni group by acanto


  • logo redesign for angelantoni group by acanto
  • logo restyling for angelantoni test technologies by acanto

The Group’s website

Starting with the new Brand Identity system, we developed the ecosystem of websites for the group and its companies.
The Angelantoni Group’s corporate website tells the story of the company from the point of view of its history, its mission, and its values: first and foremost, its strong technological and scientific expertise and its attention to the territory and the environment.

We have translated all this into an emotional layout, in which natural images with a strong impact intersect and dialogue with vector wireframes that express the concepts of innovation, research, ingenuity, design and creativity.

The dominant colour is blue, used in full and as a gradient on the images, which becomes an element of coherence and recognizability also in relation to the websites of the other companies in the group.

The site has been optimized with a view to SEO.

website design for angelantoni group by acanto

ACS’ website

The website of ACS, the Angelantoni Group company that produces climatic chambers for environmental testing, has been designed to privilege a more technical and product-oriented communication.
The layout, as in the corporate website, expresses a continuous and two-way relationship between nature and technology and uses the graphic and stylistic elements defined in the group’s Brand Identity.
Within the website, we developed a configurator that allows interested companies to configure their own climatic chamber model based on extremely detailed and customized parameters.
The website has been designed to be country responsive: the contents are accessible in a different way according to the IP address of the device and the country of origin.

website design for angelantoni group by acanto
digital brand identity gruppo angelantoni acanto
logo redesign for kenosistec by acanto

KENOSISTEC’s website

Kenosistec’s website has been designed in aesthetic and structural continuity with the Group and ACS websites.
The corporate blue serves as the primary element of continuity and recognizability; the layout in this case too has been designed to favour great clarity in the use of the contents and to achieve a strong emotional impact through the images.

logo redesign for kenosistec by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
web design for kenosistec gruppo angelantoni by acanto
Work team
A large group calls for a large team

Carlo Beccatti
Creative Director

Valentina Giardini
Project Manager

Erica Del Dente
Content Manager

Fabio Bertozzi
Digital Art Director & Front-end Developer

Lucia Galanti
Web Designer

Giulia Gerini
Web Designer

Laura Sorbini
SEO & Web Analyst

Simone Montanari
Web Developer

Filippo Sparaventi
Front-end Developer

Irene Boschi
Front-end Developer

Chiara Costa
Website Manager

Chiara Cocon
Website Manager