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To communicate in an efficient and coordinated way

Ifi was founded in Pesaro in 1962 as an artisan company for the manufacture of customized bar counters. Today, it is recognized as an international reference brand in the furnishing of bars, ice-cream parlours, pastry shops and the entire food sector.

This important company turned to us for a complete overhaul of its communication, both offline and online, with the aim of effectively reaching the different targets it addresses and standardizing the tone of voice and mood of all channels.


Solutions for all tastes

The need to create a coordinated communication led us to a restyling job covering all of Ifi's communication tools: catalogues, brochures, graphics for trade fair stands, website and social channels.
The aim was to tell the story of the technology and excellence of Ifi products together with the customized furnishing solutions tailored to the different targets the company addresses: ice cream parlours, pastry shops, bars and places in the food world.



è Ifi

First of all, we identified a new communication concept that could contain Ifi’s vision and tell its products and services as a result of those values that define and inspire the Brand’s choices and actions.

“è Ifi”, a claim built on the “being Ifi” concept, is reflected in all the attributes/values of the Brand and communicates them in a simple and direct way.

In this phase, a number of moodboards - conceived for the restyling of the website - were also drawn up, gathering suggestions to convey the atmosphere and style of the final project.



A (hi)story of Italian taste

At the heart of the project was the development of the new website, a comprehensive digital tool, capable of enhancing the Brand’s identity and communicating Ifi's whole offer in a coherent and functional way.

The proposal is built on an essential, geometric and linear design, made fresh and dynamic by animations. Colour is the distinguishing feature: it defines the structure of the page and makes the use of the contents pleasant and simple. Fonts and graphic elements are minimal, messages and text contents are short, but open to an emotional narration.

A perfect balance between simplicity, hi-tech elegance and spontaneity.


Design and technology at the service of professionals

In this repositioning project, we supported Ifi with a consultancy service encompassing all offline communication.

The main work consisted of creating the catalogue, a tool used by the entire sales team to promote and enhance each product. At the same time, leaflets were developed for individual display cases for a more vertical communication.

  • ifi-leaflet-display cases-acanto-creative-agency
  • creation-ifi-products-leaflet-acanto
  • ifi-website-migration-acanto-web-agency
  • ifi-website-web-design-acanto


  • ux-ifi-website-design-acanto-web-agency
  • creation-ifi-seo-oriented-website-acanto-pesaro
  • creation-ifi-photographic-renderings-acanto
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  • ifi-website-user-experience-design-acanto

Let yourself be surprised!

To harmonize communication on all channels, we developed a social strategy document to bring the whole world of Ifi to the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms.

From the tone of voice, direct and close to the consumer, to the different editorial headings: every aspect has been designed and adapted to the different digital channels, used to engage and keep in touch with all its followers.


  • social-media-strategy-ifi-acanto-pesaro
  • ifi-facebook-communication-strategy-acanto
  • creation-rendering-ifi-display cases-for-catalogue-acanto
  • ifi-social-network-strategy-acanto-web-agency
  • ifi-linkedin-publication-strategy-acanto

Every place has its soul

To enhance Ifi’s products, we took care of the evocative settings used in the catalogue and in the various product leaflets.

The spaces have been fully created by our team: from the definition of the style to the design of the different areas where the display cases and furniture are located, as well as the photographic renderings.

è Acanto Team

Carlo Piazzesi
Creative Director

Alice Nardini
Project Manager

Marco Merloni
Art Director

Erica Del Dente
Content Strategist

Giulia Gerini
Web Designer

Lucia Galanti
Web Designer

Fabio Bertozzi
Web Developer

Laura Sorbini
SEO & Web Analyst

Elena Mei
Website Manager

Vittoria Podrini

Vittoria Beci
Copywriter & Social Media Strategist

Debora Vallicelli
Social Media Graphic Designer

Maricel Sconocchia
Graphic Designer

Alessandro Furlani
Graphic Designer

Raffaella Rinaldi
Graphic Designer

Chiara Costa
Graphic Designer

Martina Cipollini
Interior Designer

Luca Bartolini
3D Manager

Alessio Santino
3D Generalist

Raffaele Rossetti
3D Generalist

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