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photorealistic rendering and 3d animation for eurotech by acanto comunicazioneAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl


art direction, video, rendering, 3D animation, motion graphics

To explain CNC machines in a clear and engaging way

Eurotech is a company that has been working for over 40 years, with commitment, passion and expertise, in the design of vertical machining centres, with the aim of offering the best solution to customer needs.
The company contacted us to create photorealistic renderings and animations that would explain the features of their CNC machine tools in a clear and simple way.


In the world of mechanical machining, machining centres must guarantee increasing high-quality production volumes. Speed, accuracy and customisation are therefore key to achieve production results.
It is precisely on these aspects that we focused our attention to make two videos that enhance the advantages of the machines and clearly explain all the machining possibilities offered.

Speed and accuracy in 3D animation


motion graphic rendering video for eurotech by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl

Between movement and technique

rendering video motion 3d for mechanical processing for eurotech by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl
video motion graphic making for eurotech by acantoAcanto Comunicazione srlAcanto Comunicazione srl

The project began with the creation of static renderings of the machines in the Aerre range: starting from the complex structure of the machining centres, we simplified the elements and assigned the various materials before moving on to the animation.

Rapid and fast camera movements, which enhance the dynamism of the machinery, alternate with slow and close movements that highlight the technical features of the various components of the machining centre.

Work team
Between controls, numbers and animations

Alice Nardini
Project Manager

Luca Bartolini
Art Director

Alessio Santino
3D Generalist

Debora Vallicelli
Motion Designer