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On the occasion of Acanto’s 30th anniversary, we organised a great event at our headquarters to celebrate our agency's history and retrace the transformations of communication over the past 30 years on a cultural, stylistic and technological level.

Not just a party, but a great talk show with the contribution of guests, stories and experiences of those who lived and contributed personally to those changes: entrepreneurs, marketing managers, digital innovators who joined us to retrace the main stages in the history of the communication industry and share their views on the future.


30 years. A point of arrival, but also of departure. An opportunity to reassert our identity, renew our mission, re-establish a connection with our audience (clients, partners, stakeholders) and forecast future scenarios.

A name: BASE 30

Because Base means many things we care about.
Grounding, support;
Key building block;
Place from which we depart and to which we return;
Centre where strategic actions or undertakings are prepared;
Group of people.

The concept gave rise to a visual and a dynamic, three-dimensional graphic and expositive project, representing the versatility of our services, the soundness of our experience and the modularity of our solutions.

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To organise the event, we deployed all our professional skills.

From the creation of the concept and format to the design of exhibits, from the development of the editorial plan and the communication content strategy to the management of the invitations - also through the EventBrite platform -, from the coordination of PR and media relation activities to the organisational secretarial and hospitality management activities.

An entirely home-made event, integrated and coordinated in every aspect of execution.


From 10 am to 5 pm, our office has turned into a beautiful open-air stage.

More than 170 participants were accredited to the event and followed the numerous talks on the agenda with interest and participation.

The stage was shared by national and international guests and speakers: creatives, marketing managers, influencers, trainers and innovators in the digital environment who described, in several respects, the development of the communication industry in recent years, with particular emphasis on the changes taking place due to the advent of digital in the consumer journey and the transformation of events thanks to new technologies.
From 7 pm, grand finale in music with dj and vj set.

about base30
  • "Acanto celebrates 30 years of existence: a great party in the name of creativity - Il Resto del Carlino

  • "Base 30, Acanto celebrates its thirtieth anniversary by hosting the best of creativity" - Corriere Adriatico

  • "Strategy, design, emotion. A pay-off that perfectly describes Acanto's approach, using Base 30 to project itself towards the future" - Media Key

  • "Creativity, innovation and digital at the centre of Base30, Acanto's Communication party" - Engage

  • "I strongly believe that the communication agencies of the Marche region, but I would say Italian, should move more and more towards this way of doing and take their own example from Acanto, becoming real hubs of continuous research and professional comparison" - Graziano Giacani, Creative Director Brand Festival

  • "With Acanto there is first of all an emotional bond and this event is like a friend's birthday. I think this is Acanto's secret, i.e. its ability to develop personal relationships even before working relationships" - Filippo Antoniello, Brand Manager Arena Water Instinct

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